Ofogh Alborz Headquarter

Ofogh Alborz Industrial Group is a developing company specialized in engineering and production of copper rods and particular cables used in electrical power and distribution industries. The old building used to be a 7 story residential building which couldn’t meet their official requirements because of it’s inappropriate facilities. SO, the client decided to hold a local design competition and fortunately we achieved to win the contract. First of all, we demolished it entirely and designed a new plan based on their basic demands and took some important criteria into account including work-flow, traffic pattern and the other architectural identification of official buildings. We also put some exposed illuminated Plesiglas tubes which convey the light through the facade after their fields of product usage.

The illuminating panel panel made of Plexiglas Endlighten and exclusive heat-sinks, suitable for turning on both outdoor and indoor spaces, has been patented by our R&D team in 2015. We used this product to provide a homogeneous light in two first floors of the building. Along with the lightning effects, the C-shaped geometry of the whole surface gives a dynamic character to the facade, especially at nights.

Plexiglas stripes used in waiting area of each floor lit by a series of light sources and hanged from the ceiling to act as a light diffuser.

In addition, all pieces of furniture and wall treatments are designed to fit together harmoniously with the spirit of the whole design.

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